All Success Academy is a professional and personal growth and development organization focusing on people achieving success, fulfillment and greatness. As an organization our mission is to help people to turn their dreams into success.

We offer focused events around the world for businesses and general events for individuals who need help realizing their potentials.
Our private events ranging from a 90 minutes session, 1 day and 2 day event. These events are more geared towards businesses and their Employees.

Sean Golriz #1 Success Coach

Are you tired of the same, old, boring seminars, workshops and events? Get ready for the most outstanding and exciting seminar available today!

“Reinvent, Revitalize, Realize” is our flagship general event seminar. More than 90% of participants surveyed stated “Reinvent, Revitalize, Realize” seminar made a deep and long-lasting transformation in their lives.

“Reinvent, Revitalize, Realize” seminar is intended to bring positive, lasting shifts in the quality of your life, in just two days. These shifts are the direct source for a new and unique kind of freedom and power. The freedom to be at comfort and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to you: the quality of your relationships, the confidence with which you live your life, your personal efficiency, your satisfaction of life.

Experience a direct and instant difference in realizing your goals. Create new opportunities and make them happen.

Sean Golriz #1 Success Coac



All Success Academy led by Sean Golriz, Board Certified by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. Sean has devoted many years to understanding the science behind applying positive change and the brain’s influence on creating a sense of internal confidence. Sean helps people experience positive shifts through new awareness, procedures and strategies that work. Through in-depth study and hundreds of hours of rigorous training, Sean combines various approaches and personal experience to guide participants into greater precision and focused direction. All participants will gain superior control of themselves and will emerge with new behaviors enabling them to move forward on a path that is measurable and satisfying, regardless of where they were.

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Master Your Path to Success

If you keep wondering what it takes to live the life you are dreaming of and how to get there, you need to read this book.

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